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Security Research and Development Framework (SRDF)

Posted by AmrThabet on 3:19 AM

I aim to create the first development framework to support writing security tools, malware analysis tools and penetration testing tools and support converting the security researches for the theoretical approach to a practical implementation. and it's free and open-source on windows platform.

As windows OS is widely used and not many open source applications in windows ... and very hard to create security applications in windows especially when you need to write a device driver.So I decided to create This Framework for these reasons. Open source Framework to push writing security applications in windows and push the open source on windows more.
I also aim to create a big community from security researchers ... includes many of free and open-source tools,articles and researches .... one community ... one vision ... to defend against the recent cyber threats and create a safe internet to browse.

The Framework will be divided into 2 parts ... part in kernel-mode and a part in user-mode.
This Framework will help you in writing inside the kernel-mode ... and gives also gives you tools inside the user-mode.

Note: it's not a competitor to Metasploit ... Metasploit is an Exploit Development Framework ... created for exploits only.
It's not competitor to WinPcap .... Winpcap will be a part of it .... you will have two libraries ... WinPcap and another library in kernel-mode and user-mode ... and their will be many other tools inside ... winpcap will be just a part of it.