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CodeProject: "Write your own Unpacker"

Posted by AmrThabet on 1:31 PM
Hi everyone

some people ask me why you write only about your works in the blog and I reply that this blog is named AmrThabet so it doesn't talk about anything except me :)

maybe I'll create another blog with another name to post everything related to viruses

That's the first time I join CodeProject. I love this website very much and its articles and that's the first time I join it's community

I write a practical tutorial about my emulator (Pokas x86 Emulator) to help it spread widely name "Write your own Unpacker"

at this link:

have fun

Google Knol: "The Secrets of Viruses and Antiviruses"

Posted by AmrThabet on 1:13 PM
in 27/5/2009 I decided to join Google Arabic Knol to support Arabic articles so I wrote "The Secrets of Viruses and Antiviruses"
They said that I should not talk technically and should everyonle could understand what I'm saying.

it's the first time I write an Article in the formal shape and the first article in Arabic so it makes many problem for me. it's at this link

it took rate 5/5 and the took the highest quality prize

If you can read Arabic I hope you enjoy it