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I was interviewed with Cristian Science Monitor (CSM) About Stuxnet

Posted by AmrThabet on 3:19 PM
Hello My Friends

I was interviewed by CSM us newspaper at the aritcle "The new cyber arms race"
the link is here http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Military/2011/0307/The-new-cyber-arms-race

you will find me at page 3,4 at this links:

Page 3
Page 4

Have Fun

MrxCls - Stuxnet Loader Driver

Posted by AmrThabet on 12:33 PM
Hello Everyone

Today I want to announce the release of a new article named "MrxCls - Stuxnet Loader Driver"

it's the first time I contribute to http://www.infospyware.net/

I hope you like the article

English Version: http://www.infospyware.net/blog/mrxcls-–-malicious-driver-and-primary-attack-of-stuxnet/
Spanish Version: http://www.infospyware.com/blog/mrxcls-driver-malicioso-ataque-principal-de-stuxnet/

The IDA Pro Database (mrxcls.idb) and related files:


Amr Thabet